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Pitco building


Pitco Foods is a continuously growing company. Our aggressive plans to expand within our industry is definite. But in order to keep on track towards our prosperous goals, we are in need of honest people who possess the skills and experience related to the wholesale grocery distribution industry.


Pitco Foods is always seeking talent for the following positions:

Cashiers, Warehouse Personnel, Order Pullers, Sales Representatives, Office Personnel, and Truck Drivers with a Class A license.


If you are an honest person and have experience in the wholesale grocery industry, then you may be the right person we are looking for. Please send us your resume along with a completed application for employment to our Human Resources Department. If an opening in your area of expertise is available and your resume indicates you have the qualifications for that position we will promptly contact you via telephone or email. Pitco Foods is an equal opportunity employer and will not decline any person due to race, sex, or any disability.

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